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Anti-Aging Vestami Facials

  • Fine Lines And Wrinkles
  • Sagging Skin On Neck And Decollete
  • Decreased Skin Elasticity
  • Post Acne And Aging Pigmentation
  • Dark Circles And Puffiness Around Eyes
  • Hooded Brows
  • Loose Jaw Lines

$150 dollars per 30 minute treatment session for Anti-aging Vestami Facial

RF Theory

The RF energy supports the metabolism of large fat granules previously ruptured by cavitation, forcing the excretion of triglycerides and triggering of skin tightening.In this process, the dermis and subcutaneous layer are heated simultaneously, forcing collagen fibers to contract. The contracting fibers pull on and tighten the skin, creating an immediate effect. Fibroblasts’ metabolism also increases, producing new collagen fibers which last long- term. RF energy enters the deeper dermal layer, causing the dermis to thicken. This decreases wrinkle depth and leaves skin firmer with increased, lifted contour. As a result of radiofrequency’s skin stimulating effects, original collagen proteins become stronger to increase the production of new collagen proteins.

By using Ultrasound, RF, and Vacuum technologies together, direct access to deeper fat cells is significantly increased. Ultrasonic waves and the production of localized heat brings fat cells to fast-active states, so effective blood circulation occurs.This increased localized blood circulation within the dermis tightens sagging or loose, aging skin. Skin elasticity improvement is aided by increased metabolic activity. And with the aid of the vacuum, the sweat glands and lymphatic system excrete excess fat and toxins from the body. The vacuum suction further dissolves fat cell and strengthens the integrity of cells’ mitochondria, enhancing blood and lymph circulation with metabolism benefits.

Double Chin Reduction Protocol

  • Zemitd SonoSilk Skinn Scrubber
  • Zemits FirmingGenius Conductive Gel
$150 dollars per 20 minute treatment session